Skardu Student Tour

High School & universty Summer Trips
We invite the next generation (students) of explorers to learn about the world firsthand with deosai international travels, tours and treks (DITTT)on active expeditions designed for students. Whether discovering deosai plains, hiking along mountains, encounter incredible places close up in the company of dynamic trip leaders and a (DITTT) guides. Our student expeditions combine adventure, cultural immersion,
During the tour, you will be searching out a variety of wildlife species, including remarkable animals that make their home in the different landscapes – Activities during the tours are wild safaris, walking/hiking (also in the mountains),
During the tours you will extend your knowledge and understanding of wildlife, nature,high mountains , rivers local products and the importance of conservation efforts to protect the unique ecosystem. In addition to exploring this region, you will also be triggered to evaluate your ambitions and further steps in your academic career.
Do something different, break out of your classes and have a unique and unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.