Q. What kind of pace can I expect on a Deosai Tours Expedition?
A. Our itineraries are designed to include full, active days with plenty of opportunities to experience each place from an insider's perspective, whether that means encountering wildlife, learning about different cultures and environments, or sharing in local traditions. Pace and physical activity level vary by trip and by travel style. On Deosai Tours Expeditions and Journeys, we offer alternate activities when possible. Deosai Tours Adventures, which include activities like hiking, mounteering, or horseback riding on some trips days, have designated activity levels ranging from easy to ultimate challenge, and travelers always have the choice to rest a day or ride to the next stop. For more information about the pace of a specific trip, see the trip itinerary. Where applicable,
Q. How do the Deosai Tours Expeditions, Adventures, and Journeys trip style differ from one another?
A. Deosai Tours Expeditions are our flagship trips and are designed to reflect our travelers' broad spectrum of interests. Expeditions are led by Deosai Tours experts or expedition teams, Most activities and break fast are included in the expedition cost, which ranges from 25000 pkr to 80000 pkr per person.
Q. How much flexibility is there in the itinerary?
A. Throughout all of our travel styles, we have built in options and free time where possible so that you can experience a place and its people in a way that's meaningful to you. By their nature, some trip types offer more flexibility and free time. For instance, private expeditions balance guided tours and planned activities with time to explore on your own, and Deosai Tours Journeys have more free time and options built into most days, so you can choose what kind of restaurant you’d like or what local sites are most interesting to you.
Q. What does the trip cost generally include?
For Deosai Tours Expeditions, the cost includes break fast,meals (if extra charges are paid ) accommodations, and excursions as indicated in the itinerary; services of the Deosai Tours local guides; ground transportation; most transfers; baggage handling gratuities
Q. What do I need to bring on my expedition?
A. On a Deosai Tours Expedition, the dress is typically casual, so we recommend that you pack clothes that are comfortable and that will be well suited to the activities and climate specific to your expedition. Prior to your trip, we will provide you with packing tips and suggestions and information regarding any baggage weight restrictions.
Q. Once I book my trip, what information and materials will I receive?
A. After you connect (gmail) with Deosai Tours Expedition or Deosai Tours Adventure, you will receive several pre-trip mailings with specific information about your destination; packing suggestions; and other relevant information to help you prepare for your trip. Any additional materials you receive will depend on the trip you have booked.
When you book a Deosai Tours Journey, you’ll receive all pre-trip information electronically, including destination-specific stories and information prepared by Deosai Tours.